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Lake Kerkini is one of the best spots to photograph dalmatian pelicans. It is a main target for most of the photographers and bird watchers. It is an artificial reservoir in northen Greece. Pelicans are being fed by fisherman with small fish that got cought in the nets and are too small to be sold. This is a reason why they are so accustomed to people.


Due to that fact one can relatively get close to them. Or from a shore, or from a rented boat with an experienced local guide. It creates several opportunities. One of them are thight portraits. Not everyday bird photographers get the chance to compose like that.

Wide angle shots are also very welcomed in bird photography. Those are one of the most difficult photos to execute. But not here, with pelicans. Everything in Kerkini seems to work amazingly fine. Pelicans are big birds, so even if some of them are shy, their big size and distance small to medium is perfect for catching plenty of details in the background.

Action shots? Here we go. As well as some group sessions. Or all togheter shot in wide angle.

Pelicans were not my only goal at Kerkini. In fact this place is rich in numerous animals. During the winter number of species is smaller than later during the year, however number of individuals is great. If someone would feel overwhelmed by it, this area offers much more than birds.

One of the reasons that I went to Kerkini were flamingos. They spend winter there. North part, mouth of river Struma is an excellent area for those pink birds - shallow water and lot of sun ensure that microalgae will thrive. As well as flamingos.