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Varanger Peninsula is almost empty of people. It is a remote location where apart of the coastline it is a completely desolated area.

However, Varanger is a paradise for birdwatchers as well as nature and wildlife photographers. Situated on the north coast of Norway, just next to the Nordkapp it is covered with tundra. Togheter with long and diverse coastline it offers excellent conditions for plenty of wildlife.

One of the locations one has to visit while travelling around the peninsula is a Hornøya. Small, inhabited island with tens of thousands of birds.


The most iconic bird that can be met there is an atlantic puffin.

Despite the remoteness and severity, Varanger is full of fascinating colors, details and places. First you might be overwhelmed by what seems to be an empty area, but soon you will start to notice things.

We have stayed some time in one of numerous valleys. All I could hear the whole day was a blowing wind and one of the most beautiful bird calls that I have ever encountered. It was a voice of golden plover.