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Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Michał and I'm a passionate photographer from Poland. I love travelling and exploring our beautiful planet. Solitude of cold, misty mornings in the distant locations or being a tiny part of a crowd in the biggest cities - these are my photographic drives that give me this big kick when I'm holding my camera.

I made this website in four days and to be honest I'd struggle to put any content in this section for over a week. I find it much easier for me to express myself through my work, so let me share with you my point of view using the photographs I've taken over the years. My archive is still growing, so if you liked those few frames presented here just follow this website in the future. You can find here a dedicated section where I upload the effects of my recent explorations, but also a photo archive (I sometimes retouch my old photos or give a spotlight to past works that have now caught my eye).

I've started my big adventure with the camera quite some time ago. The first attempts were made during my days as a member of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association. I believe that this experience has in fact influenced the documentary style of my photographing people and cities. In the 'wildlife' sections I try to show animals immersed in their habitats or to include individual features of a species in tight portraits. My goal is to capture more intimate instead of encyclopaedia-like frames.

I am a member of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers (APNA) and a former member of the Warmian-Masurian Photographic Association "Blur".

Some of my works were exposed during individual and joint exhibitions in Olsztyn, Poland.

And this is a list of most of my national and international achievements:


In 2016, my photo was awarded a 7th place in the contest organised by the National Geographic Channel, Poland.


Few of my works received the "Highly Commended" status during SINWP Bird Photography Competition in 2020 , "Commended" in 2022 and "Very Highly Commended", "Highly Commended" as well as "Commended" in 2023 edition.


Another few were highlighted in a local APNA competitions in 2021, 2022 , 2023 and at the national level of the same competition in 2022 in which one of them was a winning photo in a category 'The world is in our hands' and in 2023.

Exhibition that took place after the „Podlasie w Obiektywie” contest of Wiktor Wołkow 2022 included one of my photos. It could be seen at the Museum and Center of Belarusan Culture in Hajnówka, Poland.

One of 'WildArt Photographer of the Year' thematic categories: 'Colour - Top 100’ showcased one of my works in 2022 and 'Airborne Top 100' in 2023.

Three of my photos were qualified for the exhibition that took place after the 'International Wildbird Photo Competition 2023’ at Le Crotoy, France, during the Bird and Nature Festival.

Polish Society for Nature Conservation "Salamandra" organizes an annual photo contest "Foto Eko" in which one of my photos recieved a 3rd price in 2023.

"Perły Polskiej Przyrody 2023" was a contest where one of my photos recieved 2nd place in 'mammals' category.

One of my photos was exhibited after "The Art of Nature" contest organised during the 17th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature in Toruń, Poland, 2023.

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